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The Polynesia Apartments

Los Angeles, California, United States

The Polynesia was built in 1962 by Mr. Max Resnick, a Southern California apartment builder.

The property measures 25,840 square feet on a total lot size of 29,992 square feet with 27 units with a total of 49 Beds and 28 Baths.

Unlike most tiki apartment complexes, The Polynesia did not have an A-frame at the entrance. Instead, it had an interesting arrangement of large beams decorated with exotic patterns to provide an entrance canopy.

The Polynesia still stands and the mural on the front of the building remains.

However, the decorated canopy beams have long since been removed, about the time of the Northridge Earthquake (1994 or so). Beams on the other side of the building give some idea of what was there.


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Los Angeles, California, United States