The Mainlander

Clayton, Missouri, United States

The Mainlander restaurant was opened on July 3, 1962 at the intersection of Bonhomme and Hanley roads in Clayton, Mo (which borders the west side of St. Louis). The restaurant's primary owner was Dale McGowan. McGowan lived in Webster Groves and had formerly lived in Tahiti.

The Mainlander's dining room featured grass shacks, a tiki fountain, bamboo covered walls and many Polynesian artifacts. Outside in front was another fountain and a white sand beach. The tiki fountain, designed by William Westenhaver and sold through his Witco company, was used as The Mainlander's signature tiki, appearing on its advertising, matchbooks and in the form of its souvenir mugs.

In its lower level, a waterfall of lava rock decorated the Mainlander's Huki Lau bar and lounge.

The Mainlander closed early in 1977. Owner Dale McGowan went on to become a broker developing real estate on the island of Maui. He passed away at the age of 84 in 2011.

Afterwards, The Mainlander became a non-Polynesian restaurant called Lautrec's. There was a fire in the building in 1978, and an office building is now in the location.

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Clayton, Missouri, United States
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