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The Kon-Tiki - Oakland

Oakland, California, United States

The Kon-Tiki opened in early November 2017 in Oakland, California, in a space that had previously held Longitude.

Owned by Christ Aivaliotis and Matthew Reagan.

The Kon-Tiki was born out of Christ’s long standing desire to stop commuting to San Francisco, but still wear a Hawaiian shirt to work every day.


Bar & Restaurant
+1 510-823-2332
Oakland, California, United States


9 Tiki Mugs

5 Visits

tabithablanken – 3 Feb 2023

This won our favorite bar of the night! All-around excellent. Warm, immersive, magical-looking decor. Traditional tiki bar feel. True neighborhood, laid-back vibe. A lovely server. Well-made drinks. We were tipped off about this place by a few different people during our crawl, and they told us not to miss the pineapple-flavored smashburger. OMG one of the best things I ate in the Bay for sure. They seated us in a raised little hut, which gave us a perfect vantage over the space. I could have stayed there until last call, although by that point, I was about to fall over. I went home with one of their very limited mugs, which is a lovely souvenir. I'd fly in just for this.

DeltaTikiphile – Date: Unknown

The Kon-Tiki is a little gem, and better than most of the hyped Tiki bars in the Bay Area. The drinks were good, the service was good, the FOOD was good - and everyone was friendly. Why do so few Tiki bars serve food?? The KT does, and it is good. Picked up a zombie glass as a souvenir. We highly recommend The Kon-Tiki!

TikiTrevor – Date: Unknown

Cap’n Jimmy – Date: Unknown