The Conch House Marina Resort Restaurant & Lounge

St. Augustine, Florida, United States

This is a very large complex which includes a marina, a restaurant, a lounge, a long pier-side walkway lined with carved tikis, and a motel.

For over 70 successful years, the Ponce family has owned and operated the Conch House Marina Resort. The Ponce family is one of the oldest families in the United States and has been in St. Augustine for over 400 years. The property was purchased in 1946 by Jimmy Ponce and his wife Jackie, and was once the Coast Guard gunnery station. ​ The business started as a 4 room hotel, called Ponces By The Sea in which the family lived in one room and rented the other rooms to guests.

Their Lounge Tiki Bar was built in 1976 and sits out 300 feet over the water.

Restaurant, Lounge, Motel, and Marina
St. Augustine, Florida, United States
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