The Castaways - Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

The Castaways resort complex was in the Sunny Isles part of North Miami Beach, just a short distance from another hotel/restaurant/bar complex, Hawaiian Isle. It was advertised as being at "the ocean at 163rd," in reality it was on the inland side of a thin land strip, and was just south of 163rd, occupying a small jetty of land. It opened in 1958, and closed in 1981. Demolished in 1984.

The Castaways had just over 300 guest rooms in a series of buildings with Asian-Polynesian peaked roof details. The main attraction was a dramatic structure designed by Charles Foster McKirahana square glass building with a pointed, A-frame roof at each corner. The building was up on stilts, and each of the four corners held a different establishment: the Wreck Bar (where you could watch swimmers behind giant glass portholes located behind the bar), the Tahitian Cocktail Lounge (featuring mixologist "Stanley the Entertainer" best known for balancing multiple trays of glasses on his head), the Shinto Temple Room, and possibly a coffee shop or indoor swimming pool. Many people have shared memories of a talking parrot in the dining room with sometimes salty language. The Beatles reportedly stayed at The Castaways, and an ad in the 1969 AAA travel guide promoted nude sunbathing on site.

The jetty of land that used to hold The Castaways is now the site of two tall condominium towers.

*NOTE: This Wreck Bar location is not to be confused with the other still-standing Wreck Bar located at the newly renovated B Ocean resort hotel (originally known as the Yankee Clipper).

Bar, Hotel/Motel & Restaurant
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
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