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4 Visits

Trader Tom – 11 Nov 2022

First visit and took the family along. Enjoyed the Zombie! They had Stagg Jr. bourbon behind the bar too, but for $22 a shot I decided to stick to cocktails (Quick math: Stagg Jr is $299 on secondary market so their cost is @ $12 a shot and a $10 mark-up is fair for a retail establishment in Los Angeles). Pub Burger was excellent and so was the banana dessert.

CaptainNemo – Date: Unknown

First time here! Friendly atmosphere, good food — the cocktail menu is somewhat limited compared to many other Tiki bars in the Los Angeles area, but the bartender told me they'd be happy to make us anything "off-menu," as their bar is very well-stocked. We went on a Friday night, though, and be advised: when it's busy, they'll only seat you at a table if everyone in your party is ordering an entree, otherwise you have to sit at the bar.

The description of the decor, above, is accurate: there's more "pirate" than "tiki" about the place, but there's still plenty of Tiki decor as well, with classic Polynesian pop album covers framed along one wall, and a couple of (non-animated) perched parrots named José and Juan. We enjoyed it!

MoonandSixpence – 8 July 2023

Ken Odegard – 5 July 2023