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tabithablanken – 29 Feb 2024

I was a bit unsure about going "off-campus" to visit at the end of our Disneyland vacation, but I had heard and seen such good things about it, I decided to sacrifice a few nighttime hours in the park to check it out. I had a reservation for one at the Captain's Bar, and got there early (was bored at the hotel with my husband and daughter going to bed), and spent some time outside waiting to get in. That's where I had their exquisite coconut cheesecake, and discovered that I was in for something incredible. And indeed, I was. This might be one of the most perfect tiki bars I've ever visited. Back story? In the menu! Decor? Themed and dressed up into an immersive wonderland with beauty and whimsy all striking the right notes! An impressive mug collection paying homage to other bars around the country! A piece of decor I have in my own bar that made me feel special! Friendly, engaging bartenders! Fabulous drinks! Cozy bar chairs! Swizzle sticks! Custom umbrella garnishes! I mean, I've been debating if this takes the spot in my heart from Hale Pele, but.... my god, it might. It really really might. I had the time of my life here, and would have stayed for another drink, but I did have a flight to catch. I really hope I can go back, and soon.

Trader Tom – 18 Mar 2021

I went by on 3/18/21 to get a mug signed by Doug Horne but I had been here previously for longer visits on at least 2 occasions. Really enjoyed the Zombie King cocktail and the theming at this place!

The Splash-Down – 3 Oct 2022

Just had a wonderful Monday night at Strong Water (Anaheim).

Monday is ‘No reservations’ so I was first seated as a party of 1 (or as they said at Trader Sam’s “Single Rider”) after getting there around 4:30pm. (Opens at 5pm)

As much as SW gets hype online I had no real set expectations (had even read it was a pirate themed bar) and was BLOWN AWAY.

Loved the walk through from the host and got seated at the bar. Spoke to 3 passionate bar professionals - Adam (who made all my drinks) as well as Thomas and Erica. All wonderful knowledgeable folks who really know their craft.

I started with a Zombie King - it was probably my pick of the night. Strong spice notes, really picked the cinnamon. Yes I did add the mug.

Next up was the Tales of the Black Lagoon. On the menu it shows a glass but this is the drink for their new creature inspired mug. Enjoyed it, a little sweeter and less funk than I expected. Yes I did add the mug.

I finished with a Taro Colada. It was nice and I deliberately ended with a coconut cream drink as my dessert but the party next to me had one of the Halloween inspired drinks (forgot name, had candy corn syrup in it and raved about it so maybe I should’ve got that).

Dinner for me was Blackened Mahi Mahi which was really fresh and light - lots of meals looked good.

Decor is fantastic. Love the attention to details in both the front and back bar. Luckily I had a few drinks so was able to go to BOTH bathrooms (yes they are highlights).

Would I recommend you go if in the area? Given it was only a $10 Uber from the Disney resorts area it’s a STRONG YES for STRONG WATER.

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