Stowaway - Park Avenue in Tustin

Tustin, California, United States

Formerly known as Hatch Bar & Eatery, local restaurateur Leonard Chan and partner Dominic Iapello went from a light beach vibe to full-Tiki, starting with the re-opening of their restaurant in December 2018.

They added 35 Tiki cocktails on the expanded cocktail menu and the rum selection grew to 70+ bottles.

Food-wise, some favorites like the Loco Moco remained, with some new Polynesian-inspired additions including a tempura-battered Spam Musubi and Chinese-five spice chicken wings. The kitchen could also accommodate gluten-free and vegan preferences – the Impossible Burger was another newer option.

Stowaway was tucked behind Blacksteel Barbershop.

Stowaway announced that Saturday, November 5th, 2022 would be its last day open at this location.

*They re-opened with a sneak preview on May 16th, 2023 at their new location -- 14401 Newport Ave, Tustin, CA, United States.

Bar & Restaurant
Tustin, California, United States
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