Smuggler's Cove

San Francisco, California, United States

Smuggler's Cove was opened December 8th, 2009 by Martin Cate, a renowned rum expert and longtime tikiphile who was one of the founders of Forbidden Island in Alameda. Smuggler's Cove specializes in all varieties of rum and rum drinks, with a particular emphasis on historic and exotic cocktails. Cate has attracted some of the top bartender talent in the talent-rich city of San Francisco. Smuggler's Cove regularly appears on the lists of the best bars in the world. It has proven incredibly popular: if you go on a weekend, be prepared to possibly wait in a line for entry.

The decor is a blend of nautical and tiki. The dimly-lit bar spans three floors: the main and lower levels each have their own bars, and an upper half-level is a tiki hut that overlooks the main floor. There is a waterfall between the main floor and the lower floor, with a small pool at the bottom. The construction was led by Ignacio "Notch" Gonzalez, of San Jose's Top Notch Kustoms.

The offerings can be overwhelming in scope: over 500 rums, and more than 75 cocktails. If you're intent on trying as many as possible, consider entering the Rumbustion Society; those who complete the list are rewarded for their efforts.

San Francisco, California, United States
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  1. Cactus32 - Unknown

    Great time. Had a Port Royal and some funky Agricole drink. Got a mug!

  2. tabithablanken - Unknown

    After becoming a true Tiki Person after being gifted the Smuggler's Cove book, being able to visit in-person was like arriving in Mecca. We got there on a Friday evening, and it was BUSY. We didn't have to wait to get inside, but once we were in, there wasn't anywhere to really go. I was able to snag a seat at the main floor bar, which was wonderful for watching the master bartender make a dozen extremely complicated drinks at a time without breaking a sweat. The decor was cool but not the most memorable, but it might be easier to appreciate the details without the massive crowd. This won for the best drinks we had that night, but Last Rites was a major contender for 2nd place. If (I mean, when!) I visit again, I'll try to hit it on an off day or time. Still it gave me shivers to be in such an iconic part of modern tiki culture, and you can't skip it.

36 Tiki Mugs

  1. Crazy Al's Sunken Tiki - Golden Sand Edition - for Smuggler's Cove

  2. Smuggler's Cove X Gecko Ward Warehouse Tiki Mug - Super Deluxe Edition

  3. Smuggler's Cove Suffering Bob - Custom Carved Edition - by MP

  4. King Ku - in Burnt Green - by Notch - for Smuggler’s Cove

  5. The Sinking of the HMS Vernon Three Piece Mug & Votive Set - by Chris Shima - for Smuggler's Cove

  6. Smuggler's Cove Barrel Stack - First Edition - by Little Grass Shack/Cheeky Tiki - for Smuggler's Cove

  7. Vallejo Mug - Smuggler's Cove Edition

  8. Tiki tOny's Pufferfloat Mug - For Smuggler's Cove

  9. Marquesan Tiki Mug - by Tiki Diablo - For Smuggler's Cove

  10. Tiki Time! Sippy Cup - from Smuggler's Cove at the Smithsonian

  11. The Forgotten Float - Green for Smuggler’s Cove

  12. Black Tot Day Rum Tub - Bayside Brass by VanTiki - Smuggler's Cove Edition

  13. Smuggler's Cove Suffering Bob - by MP

  14. Crazy Al's Sunken Tiki Kaihalulu Dark Brown Edition 2019

  15. Crazy Al's Sunken Tiki Kaihalulu Light Brown Edition

  16. Smuggler's Cove Lidded Rum Barrel

  17. Crazy Al's Sunken Tiki Limited Edition

  18. Smuggler's Cove Voyager Loball Glass

  19. Smuggler's Cove 8th Anniversary Lidded Rum Barrel

  20. Crazy Al's Sunken Tiki Kaihalulu Red Edition

  21. Smuggler's Cove Rum Barrel Green

  22. Volcano Bowl for Smuggler's Cove Rumbustion Society

  23. Crazy Al's Sunken Tiki Fifth Anniversary Edition in Moss Green

  24. Smuggler's Cove Rum Barrel Signature Series

  25. Golden Fugu Sipper for Rumbustion Society

  26. 2013 Smuggler's Cove Anniversary Skull Mug in Magic Blue

  27. 2013 Smuggler's Cove Anniversary Skull Mug in Gold

  28. Crazy Al's Sunken Tiki Open Edition

  29. Smuggler's Cove Rum Barrel Black

  30. Smuggler's Cove Rum Barrel Light Brown

  31. Smuggler's Cove Starboard Light First Anniversary Mug

  32. Smuggler's Cove Port Light First Anniversary Mug

  33. Mr. Macapuno Smuggler's Cove Edition

  34. Smuggler's Cove Rum Barrel Ltd

  35. Smuggler's Cove Rum Barrel Brown

  36. Smuggler's Cove Rum Barrel Cream

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