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The Splash-Down – 1 Aug 2023

Loved this place!! Had dinner and drinks on my Honolulu stopover en route to Tiki Oasis 2023.

Dagger Mai Tai and noodles was a great option. Great decor and very friendly bar staff. Will definitely come again when next in Honolulu (I hope it’s soon).

tabithablanken – 30 May 2023

Visited on our trip to Waikiki. Had to Uber over from the hotel; not a great area to get dumped out on when you're dressed head-to-toe like a super dumb tourist, but it was honestly worth it for the best drinks of the trip, plus the fantastic decor (very "antiquities and curiosities," which is one of my favorite tiki bar variants). Bartenders were very friendly and met some other Tiki people that I'll hopefully bump into at Tiki-Kon. The Taboo was probably my favorite drink of the night, but the Dagger Mai Tai was a close runner-up. Such a great part of the vacation!

DeltaTikiphile – Date: Unknown

Cool place. Drinks were good, but there's no food... which I always find odd in a bar, 'cuz I gotta have food with liquor. Further complicating this is the fact that the bar is out of the way - so eat before you arrive. The decor was excellent; "dark tiki" is about right. Some mysterious touches, almost horror here and there, but it's not too much so don't worry about that. It's a small space; seating maybe 40? There's a much larger back patio, but it has been sparsely decorated. It feels like perhaps several establishments share it? We picked up a pair of what are now some of my favorite Mai Tai glasses. I'll try to post them soon. We'll probably visit again...

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Kirk – Date: Unknown

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Batondeviande – Date: Unknown