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tabithablanken – 3 Feb 2023

We got to this bar right when it first opened, so we were the first ones in there for a little bit. The doorman gave me some serious side-eye for my Chinatown dim sum bag, and I had to promise that we wouldn't eat it inside. Which was weird, because there wasn't any food on the menu. The bar was really pretty with the stained glass and dark wood and all of the plants, but the octopus/nautical thing wasn't my favorite interpretation. We ordered a scorpion bowl and it was just okay. Then some FinTech bros came in and started loudly talking at the bar, and the vibes were totally off. Decided to leave without spending too much time here. Honestly wasn't much memorable about it.

Mstiki – 16 May 2017

DeltaTikiphile – Date: Unknown

The decor of this place is pretty good, but it's spatially awkward. There's a fair amount of wasted space. Better than half of the seating is made up of small stools that are an awkward height, and the tables are even more awkward, making that part of the experience uncomfortable. The best part of the visit was the bartender; he was a nice fellow. We were there early on a Friday night, so maybe it picked up later; but while we were there, the place was pretty dead. I wanted to like this bar, but it's in last place of the eight Bay Area tiki establishments we visited this weekend.

TikiJosh – Date: Unknown

Chuckbob – Date: Unknown

DeltaTikiphile – Date: Unknown

StevenScuba – 17 May 2023

Samantha – Date: Unknown

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