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The Tiki Barber – Date: Unknown

Sadden to know that it's closed forever now but I'm happy to say I got to meet Bob and see Oceanic Arts before shut down for good. I purchased a handful of small knick knacky things one of which is a bag of coconuts that hangs in my Tiki barber shop. Definitely a bucket list item for me being somebody who loves history, Tiki, and meeting the people behind it

Trader Tom – 9 Apr 2022

Kelly Reilly (Hiphipahula) and I gave a presentation here during one of the OA celebration nights in advance of its closing. I came back afterwards for one of the other nights to bartend outside with Carey Ysais, representing Kahuna Tiki TU. Before this, I had probably been to Oceanic Arts dozens if not hundreds of times just to shop (mostly window shopping). It was always a favorite activity to hit Oceanic Arts and King Richard's Antique Center before having lunch and possibly hitting Bahooka's on the way back home.

Chuckbob – Date: Unknown

TikiTrevor – Date: Unknown

Tiki Chef – Date: Unknown

swizzle – Date: Unknown

Izzy – Date: Unknown

Cap’n Jimmy – Date: Unknown

TikiDiego – Date: Unknown

Sukielau – Date: Unknown