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CaptainNemo – Date: Unknown

First time here! I'm no scholar, but I can pretty much guarantee that Mothership is the world's only outer-space themed all-Vegan Tiki bar. I didn't note the Vegan part before going to check it out for dinner and a cocktail — but I had their scallion pancake, which I quite enjoyed. I also tried their own variation on a Painkiller, called the Mindkiller — made with two kinds of rum (one of them overproof) and "Tang cordial," which seems to be their own special syrup made with the drink that astronauts drink. I liked it a lot!

Nice atmosphere, great sci-fi decor and a very friendly bartender named Javi (hope I'm spelling your name right there, buddy!) made it a pleasant visit.

The Splash-Down – 2 Aug 2023

My first tiki bar visit in San Diego on my Tiki Oasis 2023 tour. I had dinner and some drinks at Mothership and it was such a cool place. Loved the drinks and I picked up 2 of their really cool Cosmic Skull mugs.

BrokenBoatAnchor – Date: Unknown

Wow. I mean...WOW! This place hit it on all cylinders. As an expansion of the Thursday Kindred Tiki night, everything about this place was great. From the backstory, to the design and most importantly the drinks. We had a party of 8, and no one had a bad drink...and we shared with each other. 10/10...will revisit as often as we can.

Pooch and Star – 7 Mar 2024

Great theming. Good drinks. Missing the Ohana

TikiJosh – Date: Unknown

Clay de Santa Fe – 4 Aug 2023

Arriano – Date: Unknown

Coco – Date: Unknown

Sukielau – Date: Unknown

sarksama – Date: Unknown

Tikihellcat – Date: Unknown

Meanymellow – Date: Unknown

geauxtiki – Date: Unknown