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The Splash-Down – 8 Jan 2023

We’ve had a busy family vacation in London and the partner and kids want to have dinner in the hotel. With Laki Kane a quick cab ride away it’s a no brainer to sneak in some pre dinner tiki drinks!

I pick up the London cab outside Kings Cross station (we are staying at the Standard just across the road) and I high tail it up to Islington.

For a Sunday night, it’s jumping. Or as the ‘youth’ like to say, it’s a vibe.

I start off with their signature cocktail. The namesake a Laki Kane which is rum and sugar cane juice and some spices. It’s a refreshing kick off. Garnish was excellent and included the fruit of the sugar cane as well as some sugar cane strips. The straw? Pasta! I slurped that one down quick time so I surprise my bartender Mario by calling for a Pinup Zombie straight away. It’s a stronger drink and I can pick out the cherry liqueur. I also grabbed some prawn crackers to slow me down - which had the desired effect.

After the zombie I felt like a classic so grabbed a Painkiller. Loved the presentation but this version was super light on the coconut. I also nabbed a mug. These were great value - only GBP20. I couldn’t decide between the 2 drinks I had but ended up going for the traditional / signature Laki Kane mug. I wish I had a bit more room in the luggage for their zombie mug which was also a great look.

A fleeting visit as the clock was chiming for my family dinner to begin but great to see the tiki fire still burning in London after the demise of Trader Vic’s.

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