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Kona Kai Restaurant

Panama City Beach, Florida, United States

This bar and restaurant appears to have been opened in the late 60s (1967?) and only flourished for a short time, possibly into the early 70s.

Many people, especially younger visitors, remember they had paddle boats for rent as well.

As can be seen in the pictures, they had a couple of large moai outside and at least two large tikis and at least two carved poles. The roofline is very distinctive and has stayed basically the same at this location and into the present (2021).

At some point this restaurant was re-christened as Pompano's (later as Pompano Key) and was open at least through 2018, after which it was closed and remained vacant, possibly awaiting land redevelopment.

The poles and carvings migrated to an Alvin's Outpost store in town and have been painted several times over in different color combinations. See last photo.


Bar & Restaurant
Panama City Beach, Florida, United States
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