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36 Tiki Mugs

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tabithablanken – 23 Jan 2024

Went on a work trip to Tucson. The decor was outstanding. Clearly original, with lots of the banquet spaces (plus the aviary) making it feel truly original. Loved the lights and the large scale tikis. Unfortunately there was no tiki "feeling" in the vibes, with other guests that seemed mostly interested in watching the games on TV, and drinks that were on the really sweet side. I've never been in a tiki bar where I felt weird and out-of-place for wearing a caftan and flowers, but this definitely was the case here, unfortunately. It was kind of a bummer, I was hoping to have some conversations about the place, but there seemed to be no interest from the staff or patrons in discussing. Glad I could stop in for some pictures and to say that I've been there, but sadly, that's about all that's left at the moment.

Trader Tom – 20 Dec 2010

Stopped here during a cross-country Christmas vacation visit. Joseph got to visit the Milan Guanko tikis.

Clay de Santa Fe – 14 July 2018

Birthday trip to Tucson

Clay de Santa Fe – 11 Sept 2021

Lunch and a couple of drinks. Very old school tiki.

The Splash-Down – Date: Unknown

From memory, my first tiki bar visit sometime around 2006.

I was visiting Tucson for work so popped in for dinner and drinks on a few occasions- even managed to grab a t-shirt on my per diem!!

Also the orange mugs that you got to keep with the Kamehameha cocktail was the start of what would become a big collection.

Gianni – Date: Unknown

Go for the decor. The drinks are too sweet and the soundtrack was reggae and boomer hits of the 70’s, but the vintage ambience is cool.

Clay de Santa Fe – 14 July 2018

hodgeko – Date: Unknown

Chuckbob – Date: Unknown

TikiTrevor – Date: Unknown

swizzle – Date: Unknown

Cap’n Jimmy – Date: Unknown

Cap’n Jimmy – Date: Unknown

Alex_Coconut – Date: Unknown

Alex_Coconut – Date: Unknown

TikiDiego – Date: Unknown

Sukielau – Date: Unknown