Huli Huli Tiki Lounge

Powell, Ohio, United States

Huli Huli is a casual atmosphere tiki oasis in the northern Columbus suburbs.

Specializing in small plate, Pacific-inspired food, the cocktail menu is an extensive mix of cocktails ranging from early period classics to modern finds, peppered with house originals.

Bar & Restaurant
Powell, Ohio, United States
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  1. War Canoe - Unknown

    This is, I think, my third visit. Overall, the drinks are good, I've enjoyed every one I've had. If you can make it here while they still have "Sentries of the Siren's Share" I feel like you would be stupid to get anything else because it is excellent and you can keep the mug. The bartender said they will keep it on the menu as long as the mug supply lasts. The food is the weak link, I'd say. It lends itself more to snacking than a whole meal.

  2. TikiDeathMetal - Unknown

    Worthwhile stop on a multistate roadtrip. Drinks were great. Picked up a mug. Enjoyed the tiki fries. Decor on point

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19 Jun 2020
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17 Oct 2022
Doug Winship
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