Leicester, United Kingdom

Opened in 2015.

This location had a young nightclub atmosphere with light tiki decorations including at least one carved tiki and some flotsam and jetsam hanging from the ceiling. It had a strong tilt toward drinks with naughty sounding names -- concoctions like the "The Bear's Bollock" (served in a small frozen coconut resembling the drink name) or the "Jerry Springer" although they did have house versions of classics like the Zombie and the Mai-Tai.

Closed down as a result of temporary COVID restrictions and shutdowns in 2020, reportedly shut down permanently as as 2021, and no signs of re-opening as of 2022 with boards up in windows and a lease sign out front...

Bar & Nightclub
Leicester, United Kingdom
Permanently Closed?


No one has visited this tiki bar.

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18 Jan 2021
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22 Nov 2022
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