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40 Tiki Mugs

Ambirak II Mug - Artist Proof - by Bosko - for False Idol The False Idol Fog Cutter - Third Edition - Cyan - by Bosko - for False Idol Navy Bob - Gold Edition - by MP Ceramics - for False Idol The Alchemist for False Idol - Artist Proof - by Bosko The False Idol Fog Cutter - Second Edition - Purple - by Bosko - for False Idol Mighty Alkala Fifth Edition The Alchemist - First Edition - Green - by Bosko - for False Idol Volcano Barrel Mug - Fifth Edition - for False Idol False Idol Hei Tiki Turquoise Navy Bob - First Edition - by MP Ceramics - for False Idol The Cannibal Bowl - First Edition - Blue Exterior with Orange Interior - by Bosko - for False Idol False Idol Ku - Second Edition - Jungle Green The False Idol Fog Cutter - First Edition - Copper Green with Blue Oxidation - by Bosko - for False Idol The Forgotten Float - Red for False Idol Ambirak II Mug - Second Edition - Orange - by Bosko - for False Idol The Shrunken Grump by Tiki tOny for False Idol Black Tot Day Rum Tub - San Diego Seaspray by VanTiki - False Idol Edition False Idol Big Skull - Yellow Volcano Barrel Mug - Fourth Edition - for False Idol Bosko Lava Moai Bowl 2019 For False Idol Mighty Alkala Fourth Edition False Idol Loball Holiday Glass 2018 False Idol Big Skull Mug Christmas Edition Ambirak II Mug - First Edition - Green - by Bosko - for False Idol False Idol Hei Tiki - Sage Green With Blue Rub Mighty Alkala Third Edition Mighty Alkala Second Edition False Idol Hei Tiki Pink False Idol Marq Green False Idol Skull Stack Blue Volcano Barrel Mug - First Edition - for False Idol False Idol Marq Brown False Idol Ku - First Edition - Sea Green Volcano Barrel Mug - Third Edition - for False Idol False Idol Hiball Glass Mighty Alkala First Edition False Idol Loball Glass False Idol Skull Stack White False Idol Ambirak Mug Volcano Barrel Mug - Second Edition - for False Idol

12 Swizzle Sticks

25 Visits

The Splash-Down – 2 Aug 2023

Thank god for jet lag!! My first night in San Diego on my Tiki Oasis 2023 tour and I’d had dinner at Mothership but given I was still on Australian time decided to come check out False Idol.

This is my favourite San Diego tiki bar. The decor is amazing!! Had a couple of great cocktails and eventually found myself at the bar and met another Tiki Oasis newbie who I’d catch up at other events and lectures with.

Even better I managed to pick up a purple Bosko fog cutter mug at the bar and then got it signed by the artist at the Tiki Oasis marketplace. The bar staff were really cool as well. Keep an eye out for the Jacoby’s coaster I brought all the way from Sydney.

CaptainNemo – Date: Unknown

My first time here, during mini Comic-Con. This place is a classic, with great drinks and incredible atmosphere — hard to believe it's less than 10 years old! Even with a packed house on a Saturday night, the bartenders are friendly and will chat with you easily, happy to answer your questions and make drink recommendations as they mix. Now I go here every time I'm in San Diego. Terrific!

Trader Tom – 30 Sept 2016

Sat at the bar with Kelly "Hiphipahula" Reilly and had a rum barrel and a chartreuse swizzle. I think this is where I had my first taste of Plantation Rum's OFTD (released in July of that year), which I now keep stocked and find quite indispensable.

Samantha – Date: Unknown

Pooch and Star – 6 Mar 2024

Anniversary trip #7. Nice corner table. Great staff

TikiJosh – Date: Unknown

VikingChris – 20 June 2024

Chuckbob – Date: Unknown

StevenScuba – 17 Oct 2022

Tikiki – Date: Unknown

Samantha – Date: Unknown

Chuck P – 29 Nov 2017

TikiTrevor – Date: Unknown

Arriano – Date: Unknown

maltiki – Date: Unknown

Coco – Date: Unknown

Sarah – Date: Unknown

Matt – Date: Unknown

Cap’n Jimmy – Date: Unknown

DrThundr – Date: Unknown

Tikihellcat – Date: Unknown

TikiDiego – Date: Unknown

Meanymellow – Date: Unknown

geauxtiki – Date: Unknown

Sukielau – Date: Unknown

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