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2 Visits

Tiki-V – Date: Unknown

We spent the day in Cozumel in some of the most beautiful water anywhere, and followed it up with a visit here. Wasn't sure with that name, but it was great! Wonderful drinks, really fun staff, and tons of fun. Will return!

Andrew Lash – 7 Dec 2021

I’ve been to tiki bars all over the United States, so I was very excited to find this tiki bar in Cozumel, right next to the dock where our ferry dropped us off from Playa Del Carmen! The main difference between this tiki bar and others, is that the bar is already in paradise, so instead of images of distant tropical locations, this bar has windows and an excellent balcony, both of which have wonderful ocean views!

The one aspect no tiki bar can be without is an excellent cocktail menu with classic and original tiki cocktails. And Cocomama does not disappoint! Even the artwork on the menu is great! Along with the usual floatsam decor and exotica music, Cocomama also has equipment for live DJs and dancing during events/parties. And for any fellow mug collectors, they have custom mugs for sale! The food, much like the cocktails, was a feast for the eyes in addition to tasting great!