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In January 1956 the Shanklin Hotel was advertised for sale at an auction in Southampton. The purchaser was Ben Brown, formerly a purser with P&O Cruises.

He is said to have got the idea for creating the hotel’s Polynesian Beachcomber Bar, complete with live alligator pool, from his world travels.

However, there is a great similarity between this bar and others in the Butlin's chain of Beachcomber bars and many suspect he just grabbed their idea, wholesale, spinning yarns about his travel experiences in the grand old Trader Vic tradition. The first of the Butlin's Beachcomber chain opened in 1960 at about the same time Brown opened his version.

The Beachcomber at the Shanklin Hotel closed in the late 80s (around '86). Much of the decor went into long-term storage.

The bar has been replaced by indoor grass bowling.


Shanklin, United Kingdom
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