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This bar and restaurant was located for a brief time in the early to mid 70s in the basement of the Northampton Hotel.

The Hotel Northampton, at 36 King Street in Northampton, was first opened in 1927. The hotel was funded by a five-year subscription drive by the local chamber of commerce to provide Northampton with an appropriately substantial and luxurious hotel. The Colonial Revival-style Hotel Northampton is one of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s “Historic Hotels of America.” Attached to the hotel is the old Wiggins Tavern, a building which dates back to 1786 and was moved to Northampton from Hopkinton, New Hampshire. The Tavern had been opened by Benjamin Wiggins, an ancestor of Lewis Wiggins, the entrepreneur who had built the Hotel Northampton.

It hardly seems possible today and no mention of it is made in the history of the hotel or its social media, but this Historic Hotel of America with its colonial theme focus once was caught up in a fever for Pop Polynesia!


Bar & Restaurant
(413) 584-3100
Northampton, Massachusetts, United States
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