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Bahia Motel

Anaheim, California, United States

Built in 1961.

This 70-room motel with pool sported a fantastic stylized moai head on its sign out front...but it was not meant to last.

The Bahia became the Razzmataz! for a time, which kept the moai head on the sign, but later, new owners decided to change the hotel entirely to a Pioneer theme, and re-named it the Covered Wagon with an unimaginative "CW" initials taking the place of the moai head. At this same time, the restaurant was named Columbo's Italian Restaurant (perhaps because pioneers are known for their love of pasta?). Today (as of 2022) the Covered Wagon signage is faded but a new restaurant, Cristi's Mexican, has taken the place of Columbo's.


Motel & Restaurant
Anaheim, California, United States
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