Andy's Place

Erlinsbach, Switzerland

Opened in 1988.

Andy's Place bills itself as an American Restaurant, and is sort of a Venn Diagram of 1950s diners, rockabilly, tiki, Rat Fink/Kustom Car Kulture, and other vintage pop culture influences.

Located in a very large two-story house, much of the restaurant has a 1950s diner vibe with a light blue ceiling, maroon vinyl chairs, and chrome/aluminum trimmed formica tables setting the tone. Large mascot statues hold prominence in several key locations, including Bob's Big Boy, the Sailor Jerry's Rum Hula Girl, and Universal's Frankenstein -- alongside some actual carved tikis.

There is a full-on tiki bar area trimmed in bamboo and they have produced at least two in-house signature tiki mugs as well.

Additionally, they host an annual Tiki Bash party with live music and other specials.

Bar & Restaurant
Erlinsbach, Switzerland
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