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DeltaTikiphile – 25 Sept 2022

This very small, hole-in-the-wall bar is kind of hard to find. It's around the back of a small strip center in a marginal part of Arlington. It's (barely) walking distance from here to AT&T Stadium, and that's exactly what we did. The parking nearby for the game was a little cheaper, and the walk did us good after the powerful drinks. The drinks are some of the best Tiki drinks I've ever had; far out-shining the place over in Dallas. I wish there had been food on the menu, though. The decor is better than shown in these pictures. There were no mugs or glasses being sold while we were there, but I think they have them now. The biggest problem is the door; and it's impossible to improve on it because of the small space: every time the door opens, the whole room is flooded with bright Texas sunshine...

We're from out of town, but will definitely return to this little place the next time we go to a game!

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