Trader Iggy’s Enchanted Tiki Bar

Millville, Massachusetts, United States

Tucked into a space in my living home museum of oddities and wonders, lies Trader Iggy’s Tiki Bar.

When my beloved ferret Iggy passed away, I made a vow to his memory that I’d make this a reality. Iggy was one of the OG “internet ferrets” in the early 2010s. He was best known for partying it up and living life to the fullest, consequences be damned. He entertained thousands of people world-wide in his heyday.

This bar is devoted to him and his attitude of “play now” and “eat-drink everything”. I’m always adding to it. The bar’s theme is adventure/mid century/Polynesian/jungle/pirate kitsch.

Millville, Massachusetts, United States

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22 Aug 2023
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22 Aug 2023
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