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Tiki Island, Bar and Brew

Livermore, California, United States

Tiki Island, Bar and Brew is the home tiki bar of Alan and Nancy Richards in Livermore, California. It was built in March 2016 on a 12'x16' deck in a dark corner of their yard. It's not the couple's first attempt at a tiki bar: a few years earlier, inspired by a visit to Trader Sam's at Disneyland, they built a smaller structure that didn't hold up in a windstorm.

There is a granite bar with electricity, a two-tap kegerator, a sink with running water, polycarbonate overhead thatched room, tikis, furniture, a wine barrel fire pit, overhead fan, and a built-in audio system. A video projection system creates "Hawaiian" visual effects, with a Maui scene as the back wall of the bar. The couple serve tiki drinks, using the recipes of Beachbum Berry and Martin Cate, and also brew their own craft beer for those who prefer beer over rum. Nearby, there is an outdoor kitchen where they barbecue meals to complement the drinks.


Livermore, California, United States