The Straw Hut

Hercules, California, United States

The Straw Hut is the home tiki bar of Bill Straw in Hercules, in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. It was created in January 2012. The bar is on the first floor of Straw's house, but has more of a "basement bar" feel. The room has several distinct areas to congregate: the bar, couch seating, a restaurant booth, the "Wall of Fame," near the turntables, and on the patio.

The space is intended to feel like a 1960s time-capsule tiki bar, with authentic vintage artifacts collected from historic tiki bars around the world. Some of the incredible and rare artifacts include part of the original bar from the original Trader Vic's in Oakland, a glass fishing float from the Trader Vic's in Osaka, a 6-foot-tall Marquesan tiki from the Trader Vic's in Berlin, a Papua New Guinea gope board, glass fishing float and jade tile sconce light from the Trader Vic's in St. Louis, a gong and a photograph of Vic Bergeron from the Trader Vic's in Seattle, a glass fishing float and a table from The Lanai in San Mateo, a shark's jaw and pufferfish lights from Kahiki Supper Club in Columbus, a shell lamp from Chin Tiki in Detroit, wooden spears from the Luau Room in Louisville, a piece of square bamboo from The Islander in Stockton, and the Chow n' Grog sign from Tiki Bob's in San Francisco.

The room is voice controlled by Google Home; a simple "Hey Google, turn on the Tiki room" turns on 15 lights and an appropriate soundtrack.

Hercules, California, United States
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