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The Sandbar

Salem, Oregon, United States

The Sandbar is the home tiki bar of Cole in Salem, Oregon. He initially created the bar for a tiki-themed 4th of July party in 2014. The original name was The Sandbar Satanas, inspired by his love for all things rock-and-roll and unholy, mixed with the serene pleasures of the easy life, but over time the shortened version of The Sandbar has stuck. Cole's introduction to tiki was a visit to Portland's Hale Pele, after discovering some Martin Denny LPs in a used record store.

The bar is fully stocked with high quality rum and homemade syrups, and Cole serves "only the best quality rum rhapsodies." There is enough seating for nine: two at the bar, and seven more at the booth & table section. The decor is sourced only from high-quality outlets like Oceanic Arts, with no "tacky" Party City-style cartoon tikis in use. The space is used for holidays and spontaneous get-togethers, and as a personal space for Cole, but due to weather it is shut down between October and March each year.


Salem, Oregon, United States
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