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The Monkey Skull Voodoo Lounge

Seattle, Washington, United States

The Monkey Skull Voodoo Lounge is the home tiki bar of Pete Andrijeski in Seattle, Washington. The bar was built in the basement of Pete's 1920 bunglaow in 2002. Pete says, "My inspiration for the lounge and for sparking my interest in tiki in general was a Munktiki mug I stumbled across on eBay. I had been thinking of redecorating my basement as a cocktail lounge, and the scary looking tiki mug made me realize that tiki could perfectly fit my inchoate desires for something dark and exotic." He soon found Tiki Central, where his username is monkeyskull, and began making friends in the local Seattle tiki scene.

There are bars on either end of the basement, and a third on a patio outside. The lounge features several artworks and artifacts, including original paintings by Davey Wong and several other artists, a Witco tiki gifted to Pete by Tony Boitano when he closed down Luau Polynesian Lounge, and a substantial mug collection. The bar had a substantial upgrade in 2006, when a koi pond and moai fountain created by Seamus were added.

The bar sees limited activity outside of Pete's annual tiki party in August, a massive and legendary affair that began in 2002, and now includes live bands and 150-200 guests.


Seattle, Washington, United States