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The Jungle Lounge

Gray, Tennessee, United States

Opened in June 2015.

The Jungle Lounge is the home tiki bar of Russell and Kathryn Bennett in Gray, Tennessee, a rural town in the the state's Tri-Cities region. The space is a 8'x12' room created when they enclosed part of their deck -- two walls are screened-in, and the other two are covered in bamboo matting. The name is a nod to Disney's Jungle Cruise, a particular favorite of the Disney- and tropical-loving couple, who grew up in Tampa in the 1970s. The couple did the work themselves, including carved trim and masks (Bennett is an art teacher). The decor includes pieces by a late artist friend, and items collected during their travels, including Polynesian restaurant menus, mugs, carvings, and Disneyana.

While the space does not have an actual bar component, it does provide a "no stress" zone for the couple, where they can sit, or doze, talk, sip a drink, and listen to Exotica and space pop music.


Gray, Tennessee, United States