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The Hele Lau

Sebastian, Florida, United States

The Hele Lau is the home tiki bar of Christina Jordan, "Miss Hele Lau." It is located in Micco, part of Sebastian, in Brevard County on the Atlantic coast of Florida. It started in July 2009, and has moved several times sincethe name means "traveling leaf" and Leaf is Jordan's mother's maiden name. It is decorated in a trader/beachcomber style, serving as a scrapbook of Jordan's tiki and travel history, with ticket stubs, postcards, and even buried treasure found on the beach.

The bar itself is a vintage stacked bamboo bar that has spent its 50 year life entirely in Brevard County; Jordan likes to imagine that some of the first Astronauts had a cocktail at the bar. The bar is used for tiki parties, enjoyment of classic tiki drinks and experimentation with new cocktails for her work with the Straw Hat Barmen, and when she's working on her cocktail writing gigs.

Jordan claims that the Hele Lau is the oldest and most authentic tiki bar in Micco, FL. She says all guests are welcome if they know the secret knock for admittance. Trading and bartering are gladly accepted for tiki drinks made by the lovely "bartendress."


Sebastian, Florida, United States