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The Headhunter

San Diego, California, United States

The Headhunter in San Diego is owned by Jonny & Ilze Guilmet.

The 18' tall A-Frame was already built when Jonny had Bosko come over and help design and build the fascia panels along the roofline and the crocodile head at the peak that really put it over the top. The orange underpanels under the roofline are hand-silkscreened from an old Bali Hai New Orleans menu cover graphic.

Jonny has festooned the interior and surrounds with 25+ years of collectibles, including an impressive collection of Bali Hai headhunter mugs along the back wall.

This bar has its own instagram account and was featured on a youtube episode of Jim Stacy's The Tiki Show.


San Diego, California, United States


1 Tiki Mug