The Hala Kahiki in Derby

Derby, United Kingdom

The Hala Kahiki in Derby is the home tiki bar of Neil & Carla in Derbyshire, UK. They built the bar in the back of their tiny two-bedroom home in February 2016, in a 4m x 5m extension added onto the house. Three trips to Oahu, Hawaii planted the seed for the couple's love of tiki, starting with a bottle of Trader Vic's Mai Tai Mix brought home from the islands, and continuing with a quest to make Mai Tais at home, and find them on menus out in the world. All of this seeking led the couple to realize that if they wanted a great tiki bar, they'd have to build one themselves, at home.

The bar itself is on wheels, letting it be stowed against the wall when not in use. There is a 1961 Rock Ola Regis jukebox, and a phallic bottle opener. The couple has built up a liquor collection, and they're also proud of the food they serve, including cheesecake. The couple love to entertain friends, opening their bar on Friday afternoons through to Sunday evening (and occasional Wednesdays when Carla's off visiting her mum), and are delighted when newcomers first realize it's not an outdoor beach bar.

Derby, United Kingdom
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