The Fuzzy Smudge

Olalla, Washington, United States

The Fuzzy Smudge is the home tiki bar of Mark & Debbie Whitehead, created in April 2014 in their home in Olalla, Washington, just across Puget Sound from Seattle and Tacoma.

Regarding the bar's name: "When we bought the house, there was a grease and hair smudge on the floor in the Fortress of Solitude (the shop). There was a lot of discussion among us and our various friends about what it was. Some thought is was a rat, some a cat, some (including me) a squirrel, and one smart-ass said it was a wombat! I finally pointed out that it was my shop and my fuzzy smudge, therefore it was a squirrel. Sometime later, when we were trying to come up with a name for the bar, we both hit on the Fuzzy Smudge at the same time. So, the place is named after a dead squirrel."

The room's colorful look was inspired by bright aloha shirts. The decor is a mix of tiki, pirate, nautical and Navy elements. The room opens onto a patio, with a built-in music system providing music inside and out. Some of the lamps were made by Mark while recovering from heart surgery. There is a real shark (dead) hanging above the Shag-inspired doors.

The bar is a full-service bar, with over 180 drinks on the menu, including plenty of options for those who don't want a tiki drink.

Olalla, Washington, United States
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