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The Dancing Banana

Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, United States

The Dancing Banana is the home tiki bar of Melissa in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, near Atlantic City. She built the tiki bar in August 2004, taking over the entire basement of her home. She came up with the idea after trying to find tiki bars one lost weekend in Cape Cod. The bar's colors are oxblood red, apple green and gold, and one full wall is wallpapered with a beach scene backdrop, ideal for picture-taking. The bar itself is built out of recycled wood sourced from the rest of the house, including an old hand rail used for a foot rail, with bamboo bar stools. A door has been hand-painted as the Tiki God of Anger, and the support posts in the room have been turned into palm trees. There are beaded doorways and walls and bamboo floor covering. The room is decorated with tikis and signs from her travels.


Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, United States