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The Booze Cave

Los Angeles, California, United States

This is the home tiki bar of Jordan Reichek, an animator who worked on Ren & Stimpy starting with the pilot, and has continued to make a career in animation.

This bar is actually version 2.0, since the first Booze Cave was a temporary set-up in his rental home.

Pictures below are from 2017, leading up to his auction at La Luz de Jesus Gallery where he sold off a huge portion of his collection -- many of the pieces being purchased to outfit the new Max's South Seas Hideaway in Grand Rapids Michigan.

The centerpiece of the bar is a 19-foot-long wave-shaped bar-top with over 1,200 vintage matchbooks from Polynesian restaurants embedded in sand and epoxy resin. Also of note are the many swag lamps, including one that makes use of a sea turtle shell and has a resin fish inlaid into the shell.


Los Angeles, California, United States