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Welcome to the aoao hea olala terrace. The idea that we start to build our own home tiki bar was a slow process. We just dont have space to build it inside of our appartment. When I realized that there is no german home tiki bar here on mytikilfe I just had to do it. The only space we had was outside on our terrace. So we looked for construction that is light engouh and water/wether resistent. We were lucky to get the bamboo construction from BAMBUS DREAMS in their clearance sale. Due to the weather here in Germany most of the decotations are removable. So for all future visitors to look will allways be a littel diffrent in the details. The mugs and the liquor are inside and I will get them out for vitors of course. I didnt make pictures of all stuff togehter by now. Our littel hideaway is just half a mile out of Berlin. We hope to bring a littel of ALOHA to our small village.


Glienicke/Nordbahn, Germany


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