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Sgt. Charlie's I&I Lounge

San Diego, California, United States

Sgt. Charlie's I&I Lounge is the home tiki bar of Charlie Moore and Kim Johnson in San Diego, California. The name is a nod to Charlie's time as a Marine. Charlie says, "A while ago, I was out the VFW talking to an old Vietnam Vet and he told me he didn't get R&R (rest and relaxation) when he was in Vietnam. He said he got I&I. None of us knew what he was talking about until he followed it up with, 'Intoxication and Intercourse.'"

The couple's first home tiki bar iterations started outdoors as the Kilted Fez, then moved into the house's garage, before settling into its current space in a room at back of the house, in what was probably once a patio. The bar is supposed to feel like a WWII E-club on a Pacific island, with random items strewn about, hanging on matting covered walls. The bar itself is originally from Okinawa, and was a gift from the wife of a retired Marine, Rene St. Pierre, who was "a great man" and very active at Charlie's VFW. There is a flag that was presented to Charlie's Nanny when his Grandpa died. The futon is covered by a digi-cam woobie (a camouflage blanket, for us civilians). There are no white walls, and no white lights; all the lights are colored and low wattage to keep it dark at night. There are many tiki mugs on display, and little surprises are hidden around the room if you go looking and opening things.

The couple entertains occasionally, but mostly the room is used for doing work at the bar, or kicking back with a drink and listening to music, enjoying the ambiance.


San Diego, California, United States