Prettyman's Atoll

Pinole, California, United States

An original midcentury home tiki bar that has existed continuously since the early 1960s, under three proprietors. As far as I know, the bar was an unnamed tiki bar until 2015, when the bar was given its current name. Under its current proprietor, the bar was after Bill Prettyman, the grandfather of the current owner, whose backyard tiki oasis in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s inspired the imagination and relaxed the mind. Bill served as a naval air navigator in World War II, and flew dozens of missions across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii, the South Pacific, and Russia. Bill's time on Kwajalein Atoll inspired the name "Prettyman's Atoll."

Mike Tai
Pinole, California, United States

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23 May 2020
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22 Jul 2020
Mike Tai
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