Playboy Mansion - Pool & Tiki Lounge

Chicago, Illinois, United States

The Playboy Mansion (the original one in Chicago, not the current one in Beverly Hills) had an indoor swimming pool room that was decked out in tiki, including Witco masks and a large, modernist moai.

Hefner purchased the mansion in 1959 for $400,000 with plans to build this pool in the basement. The city would only allow it after Hefner convinced officials it was for personal, not commercial, use.

A spread in the March 5, 1961, Chicago Tribune magazine described how Hefner turned a car-service area into a lounge, which was positioned slightly lower than the bottom of the pool: " ... in the manner of an aquarium, permitting a view of the swimmers and pool activities."

Discussed on page 43 of Sven Kirsten's The Book of Tiki.

Chicago, Illinois, United States
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