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Pineapple Sal's Dirty Tiki

Chico, California, United States

Pineapple Sal's Dirty Tiki is the home tiki bar of Betty and Delisa Burnstadt. It is in an out-building on their property, half tiki bar, half laundry room. The name is inspired by how filthy the out-building was when they first bought their home, their beloved dog Salvador, their impressive collection of pineapple-shaped bowls, and their great fondness for dive bars.

The bar has a small refrigerator that is kept well-stocked. There is seating for about 10 people. There is a growing collection of menus from tiki bars they have visited, and tiki mugs. The bar is used for entertaining and unwinding after work. They would eventually love to be able to host their actor, musician and comedian friends for small audiences.


Chico, California, United States