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Mischief Motu

Redlands, California, United States

Mischief Motu is the home tiki bar of Rob and Jeanine in Redlands, California. With three generations of the family now living under one roof, Rob and Jeanine laid claim to their dining room as a dedicated spot for rum-soaked R&R in October 2016. Mischief Motu blends the couple's love of tropical/jungle escapism and Day of the Dead and tops it with a garnish of Disney magic. There is an additional outdoor patio lounge, Headwaters Hideaway, with a broader Adventureland theme and a focus on the Jungle Cruise.

Jeanine especially enjoys the opportunity to flex creative muscles while building and evolving the room's layers, which Rob rewards with tasty adult beverages.


Redlands, California, United States
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