Marlin's The Mainlander

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Marlin's The Mainlander is the home tiki bar of Pat and Sara in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They created the bar in a trapezoidal closet/landing at the top of the basement stairs of their home in April 2016. The tiny 32"x35" space is partially occupied by a cooler, requiring supreme clear-headedness to navigate. Its bar/door and shelves were custom-built from reclaimed wood. Its impermanent design features battery-powered lighting affixed by Velcro and Command strips, decor hung from rope for minimal drilling, and an easily-removable Swiss Army knife of a door that sports hooks for bottle openers, towels, hats, novelty sunglasses, and even a water pistol for dealing with nasty customers.

The bar features a rotating menu of four cocktails, plus one homespun concoction which is always on the menu.

During the month of October, The Mainlander transforms into The Maniac, the better to terrify attendees of Pat and Sara's annual home-hosted horror film festival.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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