Lisa's Funky Flamingo Lounge

Conroe, Texas, United States

Lisa's Funky Flamingo Lounge is the home tiki bar of lizerlu and her husband in Conroe, Texas. The lounge was created in August 2014, and is in the dining room of their home, which had been underused. A vintage tiki bar with two stools and a mirror was found at a vintage shop for $250, and then a set of vintage rattan furniture was found in Florida for $300. The furniture was covered in fabric with pink flamingos, which inspired the bar's name. The couple are rum lovers, and tend to have about 20 bottles on hand at a time. On Fridays lizerlu makes Mai Tais for her husband and herself at the bar, and they also host visitors. Lizerlu is well known amongst her friends for her rum tours, complete with a map.

Conroe, Texas, United States
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