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Hubert's Huli Huli Haus

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Built in 2010.

Hubert's Huli Huli Haus (a.k.a. The 4-H Club) is the home tiki bar of Suzanne Couture and Bruce Woodbury. Hubert is their monkey (a Macaca soccus, I believe). Hubert used to be a ski instructor in the Swiss Alps, and Suzanne sometimes moonlights as a chicken. But make no mistake: with all this barnyard tomfoolery, this space is all tiki.

The Haus is a barn-like structure behind the main house, but the inside is a tapa and lauhala dream. An a-frame sits above the bar, and the room is ringed with vintage rattan seating. Both Bruce and Suzanne have been big tikiphiles for a long time, and have saved up an impressive collection of unique items. Suzanne is an interior designer, and naturally the space is beautifully executed.


Las Vegas, Nevada, United States