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Hon O' Lulu

Chestertown, Maryland, United States

Hon O' Lulu is the home tiki bar of Chris and Joanna B. in Chestertown, Maryland. This is the third incarnation of their home tiki bar, built in October 2014, in the previously unfinished basement of their home. The name pays tribute to their location near Baltimore: "hon" is a popular term of endearment in Baltimore, "O'" for the Baltimore Orioles, plus a nod to the beloved Honolulu Restaurant in nearby Alexandria, Virginia, which closed in 2004.

The couple arrived at tiki in the early 2000s, when the then-newlyweds were considering a theme for the bar in their new home. Since that time, they have gone seeking what tiki they can in the area, making new friends, and spreading their love of tiki and Polynesian pop culture. They spend their winter months perfecting their mixology skills down in the Hon O' Lulu.


Chestertown, Maryland, United States
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