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Hale Manu

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Hale Manu is the home tiki bar of Mo and Justin Bird. They created the bar in their Nashville, Tennessee home in April 2012. The room had a major upgrade in 2016 when they covered the walls and ceiling around the bar with bamboo, reed and lauhala matting. In addition to the actual bar, the room houses their tiki mug collection and a seating area. The bar itself began as an ordinary bar that the couple stripped down, clad in bamboo, and added carved tiki corners by Lake Tiki. Lake Tiki also made a Hale Manu sign for the room's entrance. The couple found a Witco bar with matching stools and wall hanging on Craigslist, which now serve as a buffet. Craigslist also yielded three Witco knockoff tiki head stools which are used at the bar.

Things are always changing, however...most recently they acquired a giant Papua New Guinea mask and some of the mug shelving had to come down to accommodate it -- but totally worth it!

The Birds love to make drinks for themselves and their friends (favorites are Navy Grog and Jet Pilot), play records, and have an impromptu dance party now and again.


Nashville, Tennessee, United States