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Forbidden Relics Bar

Allen, Texas, United States

"Somewhere deep on a Tropical Island in North Texas lies a Forbidden Paradise where Legends of Fact and Fiction merge. Those lucky enough to find it come seeking Adventure, others the Perfect Drink, but BEWARE the inhabitants. Some claim to have seen a MAN that walks like a FISH, others a Voodoo Witch. Those that do make it out have written stories worthy of Hollywood Lore..."

The Forbidden Relics Bar by John Goins is located in Allen, Texas.

John was a Rumpus Room regular and member of the Los Angeles Tiki Scene for several years before moving with his family to Allen.

In the Forbidden Relics Bar, John has a wide space to showcase his collections and interests which combine tiki with adventure, nautical, pirate, and horror themes for fantastic effect!


Allen, Texas, United States