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Enchanted Tibby Room

Wilsonville, Oregon, United States

On Christmas Eve 1951, the S.S. Rankinbass set off with a cargo full of holiday decorations for an emergency delivery to the south seas. Unfortunately the vessel, the crew, and its cheerful delivery were lost in an unexpected storm, washed ashore on a remote atoll. The Enchanted Tibby Room was erected from the wreckage, continuing the cheerful holiday spirit and sense of celebration that could not be washed away by the sea.

The Enchanted Tibby Room began as a tiny corner of our living room. After receiving the gateway drug (AKA a copy of Martin Cate's Smuggler's Cove book) for Christmas in 2020, I started collecting rums, ingredients, and the occasional cool piece of glassware to practice making drinks with. The corner grew with a nice midcentury cabinet, some mugs and plants on display, and a fabulous custom sign carved by Tiki Tony.

In late 2021 we moved to a new house and property, which included a large Tuff Shed out back. The original intent was to store vintage holiday decorations (my other major passion) within the shed, but after putting some of them away that year I realized, hey. This would actually make an incredible tiki bar.

Beginning with the assembly of the back bar area in February 2022, the ensuing months were full of scouting for bamboo and wicker furniture on Marketplace/Craigslist, and lurking around all the best antique and thrift shops for vintage tiki ephemera. Although the bar is currently "complete" as much as a Tiki bar can ever be considered to be, it's constantly being refined and improved with new little finds and enhancements, such as the recent addition of thatching and bamboo edging along the doors.


Wilsonville, Oregon, United States